AR / Adobe Aero
Fall 2021

P.L.S. is an AR installation exploring questions of identity: who is the individual in an era of digital globalization? Through a mixture of interactive audio and visual elements, the audience will explore a mesh of floating cubes within a doppler radar backdrop. Each face of the cube is composed of parts of a face, alluding to the packaged social profile sent out into the ether. The audience is invited to approach each cube to unpack its story. P.L.S. stands for Packing, Loading, Shipping.

This project was accepted for the ITP Winter Show 2021 and woudl have been presented in (and sized for) in classroom-sized room. 

Full documentation, including video with sound, can be found here.

︎ Augmented reality
︎ Adobe Aero
︎ Designing big spaces
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