Liminal Spaces

Unreal Engine / modular design
Fall 2021

︎ Unreal Engine exploration
︎ Modular design

For my Hypercinema class final, we were tasked to make a Cornell Box in Unreal Engine. I thought of the abandoned office in March 2020, thinking of it as a liminal space abandoned maybe temporarily, maybe forever. Times moves quickly, helped visually with a changing skyline, circling clock hands and moving shadows. An old-style computer streams a video (of a CNN newscast from March 16, 2020 announcing stay-at-home orders in New York). I wanted the space to feel both contemporary and out-dated in order to provide a sense of timelessness. This design has a modular foundation: as the clock ticks,  I could switch out furniture and move it around in different installments as a further emphasis of the banality of the space.

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