American Dream

JavaScript / sound modulation / microphones / LEDs
Spring 2023

︎ Microphone sensors to detect coin drop
︎LED circuit with individual power sources
︎ Fabrication includes wishing well funnel, rod hanging, and individual baskets. 

This project explores the dichotomy of the ambitious hope and realist precarity in the chase for the American Dream. This was my thesis project for my degree at ITP.

The audience drops a coin down the wishing well funnel. Its path is scattered by the golden rods,  resonating the air with the sounds of church-like wind chimes. The coin either falls to safety in a nest, which senses its presence and gives the audience a small indication of its capture one coin at a time. Otherwise, the coin is buried in a pile of dirt, its demise amplified by embedded microphones and sound effects. 

Full process documentation

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